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About the Book:

Renee, Elizabeth and Jasmine’s lived a boring life in a small village right outside the great kingdom of Aden. But when a deranged king forces them to leave their village, these three girls embark on an incredible journey that will ultimately lead them to discover who they really are and what their birth means to the world.

From April 18th-20th 2016,  The Journey, will be available for free on amazon kindle, so grab your copy before the offer expires.


  Author Bio:

Shadahyah Elizabeth is an up and coming author from Saint Louis MO.  Her debut novel The Journey is the first in her Ultimate Power series, with the second book set to be released later this year. Her goal is to create a world that draws the audience in and allows them an escape from their everyday life.

Learn more at http://shadiva87.wix.com/author-site


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