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“Gossip Girl and Harry Potter meets Gifted. This is outstanding and compelling.” — Fiction Vixen. 

Serenity didn’t understand what was happening when she started experiencing hallucinations about her fate, and she had no friends to turn to for help. Until she met Kendrick. Yet Kendrick brought with him a secret about Serenity: She is the youngest descendant of the Salem witch bloodline. As Serenity tried to deal with the side effects of her gift, with the help and guidance of Kendrick, she was forced to face a dangerous liaison that only affects her. 

Can she find the answers about who she really is and discover what fate holds for her?


About the Author:

Toni Hawkins was born in Washington DC, raised in Montgomery County. At age 12, she developed a love interest in writing by short stories. 

Hawkins studied to Public Relations in hopes of becoming a Copy Writer. Hawkins had written articles for the Excalibur newspaper discussing teen issues and sports while in College.

She is currently working on two books, 


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