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FRIEND is a story about a set of girlfriends who start out inseparable but are slowly torn apart by jealousy, betrayal, and lies from the inside out. The story is told from the perspective of Bonnie, whose friendships are the center of her life for the moment. Her friends are Cora (the good girl), Leena (the giver of good advice but never the user), Jenelle and Jayna a.k.a. “the Twinzies” (and double trouble), and Hazel (the dime piece whose beauty is, unfortunately, often overshadowed by her selfish ways). After meeting as young girls, in different but equally dramatic ways, they become close, growing up together and learning the ups and downs of female friendship and adolescence. Then, Donna enters the group. She was seeking a crowd she could consider her click after moving into the city, but she chose the wrong crowd. After meeting Bonnie and Hazel in high school and being brought into the group, she thought she found her click. But when Donna starts dating Pay, her alleged friend, the once uninterested Hazel decides all of a sudden she wants to claim something that once again wasn’t hers. When a secret love square forms, the group is forced to turn a blind eye to the unforgivable actions of one of their own at the expense of another.

Throughout it all, Bonnie has been caught between her loyalty and her conscience, and Hazel’s other side becomes more and more evident and starts to create a wedge between the crew. Bonnie and her new boyfriend Drew then become the target of Hazel’s selfishness; Bonnie decides that her friendship with Hazel isn’t worth the drama or her relationship with Drew and begins distancing herself from it all. Quickly things with this once tight group of girls begin to unravel and they are faced with the reality that their friendship isn’t what it once was. Their former rebellious pastime of boys, drinking, and partying with fake ID’s has turned into a dangerous game of lies, secrets, and manipulation. With all the girls forced to choose sides amid the unfolding drama, the line between friends and enemies has blurred. And these former “best friends” have now become “Frenemies”. You know what they say, there’s an “end” in “friend” for a reason.

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Friend: There’s an end in friend for a reason

About the Author:

Khadija Styles is a Toronto native and artist who has spent years in the fashion industry. She recently started to perfect the art of storytelling, and Friend is her debut book.

Author Interview:

Can you tell us more about your book “Friend: There’s an end in friend for a reason”, what is it about?

Friend is about a group of girls in high school whose friendship is tested during their last year. Having their friendships become disrupted from all the lies, deceitfulness and dark secrets between their so called group of friends.   

Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

When I wrote Friend my audience I had in mind would be students themselves, in high or college/university. As those are the times most of those group of girls would endure having to re-evaluate who really is a friend or just a frenemy is disguise. Now I am not saying most girls go through the loss of friends to the magnitude of the book but it possess similarities and touches on topics some of these age groups can relate to.   

Tell us a bit more about the main characters in your book.  Who are they and what type of people are they?

The main characters of the book are; Bonnie, which is the voice of the book. She has her head on straight even with all of her partying ways but overall has good intentions. Cora who is the good girl and voice of realness, Leena who never seems to learn from her mistakes, The Twinzies  Jayna & Jenelle they are double the trouble together or apart. Hazel who is beautiful but selfish to the max.Then we have Donna who is a genuine person but when pushed to the limit can become another especially  aftershe enters the clang to only realize when it’s too late what new friends she has encountered.

How would the story of the friends relate to someone else’s life?  Are there parts of the book that the reader could closely relate to?

The main purpose of the book was because I knew people would be able to relate in some shape or form.Especially in today’s generation and the eagerness to fit in more with the wrong crowd instead of building true meaningful friendships. This book touches on sensitive topics that some of the youth today go through. Like betrayal of a friend, teen pregnancy, abuse which has unfortunately become more common among the youth.

When writing “Friend: There’s an end in friend for a reason” what scene did you enjoy the most and which one did you find the most difficult to write?

Over all I really enjoyed writing each chapter. I felt like the reader most times when I would finish writing a chapter and wanted to know what happens next only to realize that I haven’t written it yet. But the scene I found most difficult to write was the death of a character. It was really emotional for me because things like this really happen. Being the writer and getting attached to these characters and having to write the death of one made it difficult to elaborate on.

Alongside “Friend: There’s an end in friend for a reason” do you have any other books, or plans to write more?

Absolutely! I have already finished my second novel called “How did we get here” This novel I say is for the grown and mature readers as it is based upon the issues that occur in marriages but of course with a major plot twist! I am super excited for this to release. I have also just completed my children’s book I collaborated with my seven  year old daughter called “My Two Homes” which will be released later this year. This book, like most of my books will be depicted on real issues but from the creative mind of an author. I feel this book can help children and separated parents to adapt to their new lives living apart. Mainly to help the children to see that many people go through dealing with separation of the families and how you can look on the bright side. 

Tell us more about you?  What else do you do when you are not writing?

I am from Toronto, Canada which I am happy to say I am proudly Canadian! On my down time that’s when I write but on a day to day I am a mother first  which is a fulltime job all on its own and then I have stylist and creative director to add to the list.

So not only are you a writer, but also an artist and worked in the fashion industry.  What sort of art do you do, and is there anywhere we can see it?

Before discovering my art for storytelling, I had my own clothing line called MC Apparel. I went on to styling and creative directing for a couple of brands including the amazing jewellery line called Sheye.

What inspires you to write, are there people, authors, books or world events that encourage you to share your words?

To be as creative and free to write whatever I want. It gives me a platform for my voice to be heard and to touch on topics that most would question in their own lives. Growing up,I enjoyed reading novels by Sistah Souljah as her ability to write so raw and still possess an articulate  way of thinking and speaking being the activist she is. . Her book ‘The Coldest Winter Ever was one book to remember. Also authors like Zane, the writer of Addicted which was eventually turned into a movie which was just as amazing as the book. Now as much as I love my books with the drama due to living a drama free life I truly enjoy books that increase my knowledge helping me grow as a person and author.

Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

My audience can learn more about me on my website at https://kstylesthewriter.wordpress.com .

My sites content will be of things I enjoy, having readers get to know me as an author and on a personal level. My workout routines, inspirational quotes, beauty tips, topic of discussion segments and much much MORE! Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday my site will be uploaded with useful information for day to day lifestyle.

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Friend: There’s an end in friend for a reason