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An imaginative and original computer fantasy. The fabulous life story of a star-struck datum, growing into Big Data, destined for greatness, struggling with the rules of the system. He travels to a beautifully irresistible CPU where the meaning of life and destiny are finally revealed to him just before he is propelled out and beyond, far into the future with a message from our time. – Minecraft fans will enjoy this story.

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Got Click

About the Author:

TC Davis Jr writes. Story. He thinks in story, dreams in story and tells stories when other people are doing something productive like darning socks or writing code. He weaves facts and daily events into a fabric of fiction with vivid scenery and compelling characters, sewn with subtext. Pressed, polished, and published, he sends them on their way, out into the world.

In that moment, he knows a rare joy.

TC has emerged from the haze of marketing, copywriting, and the poetic styles of search optimization while freelancing in journalism and scripts for TV and theater. He recently finished the Novella, “Got Click” and is currently working on his next novel, “WWJD: AI.”

TC Davis Jr lives in New York City and Washington, CT with his wife Geri, a CPA.

Eternally, the humble seeker, hopeful student.

TC Davis Jr has worked in several fields to support his writing habit: UX/SEO; Web Design; Marketing; Law (research & memorandum writing) Real Estate (investment); Retail Dev/Mgmt.; Child Safety (online & DB development)

He indulges in Motocross, Chess, Music and especially Literary and Philosophy events.

Most of all, TC writes.

If there be magic in this world it is born of words.

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Got Click